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Dry Cod: 1. a person with no sense of humour; a rigid, unyielding person; a boring person with no flair or zest. A dry cod may be old, young, male or female. 2. A man who is a sexual loser. One who cannot "get it up". An older man who is viewed as ineffectioal. 3. A piece of cod fish that is past its prime or over cooked which results in a dried out, non tasty fish product.
1. My boss, Tom, is a real dry cod, he always goes by the book and never makes a joke or small talk. 2. Old man Sherman hasnt been laid in 50 years! What a dry cod! 3. That cod fish from Whole Foods was dry as dust. Thats a real dry cod!
by bullcityword April 06, 2011
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