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Something two friends will do every once in a while that involves one friend mentioning alcohol, and once those friends are considerably drunk they don lab coats and goggles and begin to conduct science experiments, be them even scientific at all.

These experiments may include various animals or people, but usually are pointless yet fun up until you collapse from too much alcohol.

In the end the duo will wake up the following morning not being able to remember everything, but clearly seeing the mess from the previous night. It's technically a hangover except you confine yourself and said friend to the house.

See hangover
Clark: Hey Tom!
Tom: What?
Clark: Alcohol!
*some drinks later*
Both: Drunk Science!!
*Begins to conduct a myriad of experiments that involve riding a pig and giving a bear alcohol*
--The following morning--
Clark: ...What happened?
*sees the mess*
Tom: We have got to stop doing this...
by CinnamonAllSpiceLaFeva July 05, 2011
The act of sciencing under the influence of alcohol
"Did we do Drunk Science again?"
by TheProudProcrastinator August 05, 2015
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