Something as a child/teenager we were told never to do but got into anyway.
Age 10<br>Mom: dont do drugs they are bad.<br>
Timmy: i would never mommy<br>
Age 16<br>
Timmy: where da trees at man??<br>
by heytay569 December 13, 2008
If you are a person who has never experienced drugs or if you just outright do not understand drugs, then you should not make speculations about drug users. A drug has mind-altering affects, and yes some people can not handle it, but there are those of us out there that understand what we are doing and can for the most part control our actions. As for myself I enjoy weed, Canadian is the best I don't care what you say, and I still aspire to be all that I can be. I don't sit around on a couch talking about how many threads there could be in the couch, I don't endanger anyone around me, and guess what I make better grades then kids that don't even know what drugs are. What I'm trying to say is, you shouldn't make assumptions about things you absolutely know nothing about! The government has lied about other things, we all know it, who is to say they aren't doing the same thing now?

Thank you for your time.
Non-druggie: "Hey I have no clue about drugs, but I'm going to leave a deffinition about how bad they are and how people who do them are all dumb and wont make it anywhere in life"
Drug user: "Dee dee dee, hey dumb ass aren't you gonna ask me if I'd like fries with that?"
by SBB.TM September 21, 2006
n. A yummy ingestable substance

adj. Cool
"The clue is... Cool"
"What is... excuse me, what ARE drugs?"
"Correct for 400"
by Brian January 27, 2004
There are my different drugs. Most of which were made to be used for medical purposes. Some are obtained by prescription, over the counter, self-made, or illegally.
Drugs are used for;
Mind Alteration
Weight loss
Drugs for pain; Morphine/Heroin/Oxycontin/Cocaine(was first used to relieve tooth pain)/Weed(in some cases)/Motrine IB/Tylenol/ ETC.
Disorders: Xanax/Klozipin(?)/Prozac/Zoloft/ETC.
Bacteria/Flu: Etc./Flu vacine
Mind Alteration: LSD/Weed(in some cases)/E/ETC.
Weight loss: Ephedra(?)/Stacker/ETC.
by L0VE December 04, 2005
1. A substance that makes you get high or have a trip. People take drugs to alter their state of mind and/or body to have a good time.

2. What some hilbilly fool says when they mean to say "dragged".
1. Hey man, are there any drug dealers around? I wanna get high!

2. (Hilbilly): "I dun killed me a possum and drug him in the house to eat him"
(non-hillbilly): "The word is "dragged", not "drug" you moron!"
by Thomas Vercetti June 01, 2005
They are not for everyone. Only for people that can use them properly. Drugs are not to be used to escape, because they will bring you right back 10x, but used to explore. If you are against drugs then you are against everything else, drugs are what made us who we are, drugs are what made the music you listen too, drugs are what made the movies you watch, drugs are probably what made the shoes you wear. So stop hating on something that has brought so much good to this world. If you are so against drugs, stop giving your children Vitiams, those are drugs too. words can describe this feeling.

Example doesn't use the word Drugs. Use the word in a sentence. (What if I don't want to.)
by Kevin Vargas December 06, 2007
Candy for adults. And when I say adults, I don't mean thirty year old fucks that don't have anything better to do, I mean any person during or after adolesence that can maintain a normal and healthy life with out having a substance control them.

John: Hey man, I'm so bored, I can't think of shit to do right now.
Greg: Hey pal, lets roll up a blunt and watch some t.v.
John: Thanks friend!


John: Man, this party this weekend sounds cool, I can't wait.
Greg: Yeah man, too bad there aren't gonna be any bitchin' hunnies there.
John: For reals? I was trying to get my shit wet, now what am I gonna do?
Greg: I have some LSD, wanna trip?
John: I don't know man, isn't that one of those "drugs"? I hear things, plus I have homework and shit to do.
Greg: Just do it before you go, as long as you don't rely on this shit every day for fun, it can't control your life.
John: Man, if you were a woman, I'd fuck you so hard right now.
by kidwhoistotallyawesomenodoubt March 04, 2009

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