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when SMART or open minded people use drugs, they will realize that things aren't just like people tell you. Weed'll keep you off the edge, make you appreciate your time here and be more aware. Weed is hardly a drug. Alcohol is more of a drug (or poison) than most think.
Drugs, drugs, drugs, some are good and some are bad,
Drugs, drugs, drugs, ask your mom or ask your dad

If you wanna try a drug that'll make you realize, after several hours of contemplation, what it's really all about (not to mention the immediate effects ony last 3-10 mins), try SALVIA extract. It's legal, let's keep it that way

Person 1: Man, I'm all road raged the fuck out!

Person 1's passenger: Dude, chill out, smoke this and relax to the max!
by Relb July 24, 2006
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the best thing in the world until you run out.
Well i just used my college funds for drug money, got a pound of purps and 150 oxys so i'll see you guys in a couple weeks.
by stoned arab March 29, 2008
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Drugs are a life choice. Good or bad, it is something people do. When used as a part of a person's entertainment budget, they are generally as harmless as any other recreational activity. When a person over does a drug whether it be marijuana cocaine or ecstasy, it becomes negative. The same could be said for any indulgent recreational activity (Obsessed with : gaming (WoW/Evercrack), sports (gambling), a girlfriend/boyfriend) Anything good is meant to be enjoyed in moderation and not taken to hardcore extremes. People who do drugs deal with the negative consequences of their own vices. While you can't deny that drugs may change somebody's personality, nobody is perfect to begin with, so it really doesnt matter. It may be hard for a non-drug user to understand how a person can accept something as sacred as their own personality being altered, and that is probably why the concept is bothersome to them. A few things to note:
-A casual drug habit does not kill you.
-Smoking weed will probably affect your memory. Big deal. And to those who are sheltered from the real world, everybody smokes weed.
-Cocaine will make you do some stupid shit. Theres a reason why it rhymes with insane.
-Overuse of psychedelics will make it hard to think in the future, this is true.
-If the substance is known as addictive such as meth, heroin, coke and crack, you will probably get addicted to it if you try it and have ready access to it.
I have sat around smoking weed for months at a time relaxing to the extreme and not worrying about anything. I have seen all existence as a singular point in time and space while on mushrooms. I have acted as outrageously as Rick James while on cocaine. I have had sex on Ecstasy more times than I can count. Yeah, I have trouble remembering shit sometimes. Once in a while I feel like theres something I should understand that I don't. Sometimes I regret blowing thousands of dollars that I have nothing to show for. But the fact of the matter is that everybody has these same problems, and I know plenty of people who have never done drugs who have far less to show for their time in this world than I do, who have never experienced the things I have and never will.
by Joshuway February 14, 2008
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Something as a child/teenager we were told never to do but got into anyway.
Age 10<br>Mom: dont do drugs they are bad.<br>
Timmy: i would never mommy<br>
Age 16<br>
Timmy: where da trees at man??<br>
by heytay569 December 13, 2008
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If you are a person who has never experienced drugs or if you just outright do not understand drugs, then you should not make speculations about drug users. A drug has mind-altering affects, and yes some people can not handle it, but there are those of us out there that understand what we are doing and can for the most part control our actions. As for myself I enjoy weed, Canadian is the best I don't care what you say, and I still aspire to be all that I can be. I don't sit around on a couch talking about how many threads there could be in the couch, I don't endanger anyone around me, and guess what I make better grades then kids that don't even know what drugs are. What I'm trying to say is, you shouldn't make assumptions about things you absolutely know nothing about! The government has lied about other things, we all know it, who is to say they aren't doing the same thing now?

Thank you for your time.
Non-druggie: "Hey I have no clue about drugs, but I'm going to leave a deffinition about how bad they are and how people who do them are all dumb and wont make it anywhere in life"
Drug user: "Dee dee dee, hey dumb ass aren't you gonna ask me if I'd like fries with that?"
by SBB.TM September 21, 2006
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There are my different drugs. Most of which were made to be used for medical purposes. Some are obtained by prescription, over the counter, self-made, or illegally.
Drugs are used for;
Mind Alteration
Weight loss
Drugs for pain; Morphine/Heroin/Oxycontin/Cocaine(was first used to relieve tooth pain)/Weed(in some cases)/Motrine IB/Tylenol/ ETC.
Disorders: Xanax/Klozipin(?)/Prozac/Zoloft/ETC.
Bacteria/Flu: Etc./Flu vacine
Mind Alteration: LSD/Weed(in some cases)/E/ETC.
Weight loss: Ephedra(?)/Stacker/ETC.
by L0VE December 04, 2005
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n. A yummy ingestable substance

adj. Cool
"The clue is... Cool"
"What is... excuse me, what ARE drugs?"
"Correct for 400"
by Brian January 27, 2004
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