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The action of delivering particularly bad news to someone.
Example of Drop the Bomb - "Im about to go in there and tell the boss that we lost the Hong Kong deal, £400 mil..." - Telling the boss, would be dropping the bomb on him.
by Urban Dictionary September 04, 2006
When one pulls the foreskin together and urinates, releasing no urine, then, when the time is right, releasing his load on the world. Common among ice hockey players and people from Texas.
Look guys, look what I can do. I dropped th bomb.
by Ben Scott October 14, 2003
The process of climbing to the top of the stall in a public washroom, positioning your ass, so that your shit drops from a few feet above the toilet to produce a loud splashing noise for everyone else in the public washroom/locker room to hear.
After I dropped the bomb in the washroom, the men's room attendant was unhappy because I missed and hit the toilet seat.
by unstoppable idiot April 20, 2005
the art of storing up a particulally aggressive turd then going to a friends house and stinking out thier toilet
i casually walked into my amigos hovel, tipped my hat, and went to quietly drop the bomb, it made the paint on the wall blister so i left, with a nod and a firm handshake
by chap your lady October 23, 2003
The act of using ones forefinger and thumb to seam ones foreskin together whilst urinating, and then releasing at point of unbearable expansion.
"At ice hockey practice last night, right, in the showers, Leigh dropped the bomb all over me! Nah!"
by Leigh Jaimeson October 15, 2003
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