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Mixed alcoholic drink.
The only ice I got is in my drinkies
by friarsams November 04, 2005
Tipsy, drunk, intoxicated.
"Those shots left me drinky, man."
by somebodyyoudontevenknow December 12, 2009
A cunning, attractive alter ego that comes from the consumption of alcohol.
Say bye to Mick Lenzser, Dr. Inky will be here any minute.
by Benoaster April 15, 2006
After smoking substances such as marijuana, the extreme NEED for a beverage (or two or three...) This becomes a direct result of cotton mouth. After getting the drinkies, expect the munchies to follow.
Dude man, I am so high, I got the drinkies!
by Coach Roach November 22, 2003
Sonya likes my drinkies.
by Kenny Graham May 06, 2005
When you are drinky you are starving for a liquid. Hungry=thirsty Starving=drinky
I am so drinky I havnt had anything to drink all day

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