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To be drunk and high at the same time, an awesome Feeling
Im so drigh, that dingo ate ma baby! And my boxers are talking to me! And they are wet! And i dont know what clouds taste like! And the sky is talking to me with its big lips!
by Mr. Jonny July 06, 2004
Pronounced: dry
To be high and drunk at the same time.
Spence: Hey man, let's get high!
Mike: No man, let's get drunk!
Pete: No guys, let's get drigh!!
by Splancer January 19, 2006
A state of being Drunk and High at the same time
I was so drigh I couldn't find my way out of the room
by J.R. Fluff n' Stuff December 07, 2004
The epic combination of being under the influence of marijuana and alcohol at the same time. Usually demonstrated by loners, stoners, frat bros, and all alike.
Guy #1: Whoa brah, I'm planning on getting drunk and high tonight.

Guy #2: So you're gonna get drigh, bro?

Guy #1: Drigh?

Guy #2: Yeah brah, hurr while you durr.

Guy #1: You mean derp while you herp, brah?

Guy #2: Exactly broski. A derp herp sesh.

Guy #1: Leet.
by General Jigger Basher February 25, 2011
A mixture between the feelings of being drunk and high
After the party, I was feeling a little drigh.
by Nesers July 20, 2008
Pronounced (dry)= To be drunk and high simultaniuosly..
I wanna chase the iam gonna go and get drighed up.
by They call me "O" July 28, 2007
To be drunk while you are high.
A drunken high.
Related - Hunk
I was so drigh last night, I think I nailed you sister dude.
by Han D. Kapp February 02, 2004

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