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An ostrich that lives in New Jersey and speaks the language of his fellow ostriches. His mother is believed to think its friends are terrorist or warriors. For some unknown reason its natural sound is hahhhhhhh. And the drewy in this species tends to mate with gorillas!
"Look at that drewy over there! Oh shit, here it comes!" said the hunter
The drewy approaches and says "haaaaahhhh hahhhhhh haaahhhhhh."
#ostrich #bird #montgomery #drew #todd #drewt #drewu #frewy
by Mayor McCheese 6969 November 22, 2011
Meeting a chubby girl at a club and going back to her house to get deflowered
Hey man are you getting Drewy tonight?

Yeah but could I please borrow a condom, preferably not a Durex feathlite intense as they choke my penis
#drew #drewy #one #night #stand
by murdahface July 07, 2011
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