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A "Dresta" is one who dresses, speaks, and generally acts like a gang member without actually belonging to a gang or participating in criminal activity. The term generally refers to rappers who attempt to cash in on gangsta culture, and is synonymous with the term "studio gangsta."

While many believe the term refers to well-known rapper "Dr. Dre," it was actually coined by Los Angeles natives in response to lesser-known rapper "Gangsta Dresta" when over-the-top attempts to be perceived as affiliated with various Compton area gangs backfired. Ironically, Gangsta Dresta is best known for his verse criticizing rappers who "adopt the bang and the slang and the mental" of gang members for commercial purposes. The anti-Dresta backlash is so intense that the rapper is unable to travel freely in the South Central area of Los Angeles, the rapper's home, without a heavily armed entourage.
I can't listen to those Drestas.
by Realist1 July 26, 2011

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