The act of Placing your face Inbetween another's bum cheeks and motorboating (shaking your face from side to side and blowing raspberry sounds from your mouth)
I was dredging my girlfriend last night
by Freddouir November 30, 2011
Top Definition
When one person packs their ass crack with peanut butter or another tasty substance, and then their partner dredges it out with their tongue.
After Joe and Bill got done blowing each other, they got out the peanut butter in preparation for a hot dredging session.
by CocoSantango July 18, 2010
the act of liking or commenting on old Facebook content to embarrass a friend tagged in such content.
'Jack is dredging my Facebook status from 2007, it's so embarrassing.'
by nieuwe September 04, 2015
The act of dredging involves perving over a young or youthful looking female. It is becoming commonly used in everyday language as a term for sexual intercourse.

A person who is known to partake in the act of dredging is known as a Dredger.

The origin of the name comes from illustrious Dredger - Derek Dredge.
Drew was dredging that girl last night.

Drew you are such a dredger.
by Dan Betts November 02, 2007
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