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2 definitions by DrCrunkenstein

Cannabis of very, very low potency and quality, usually harvested too early or too late in the growing cycle. Schwag is stereotypically associated with marijuana that comes from Mexico, pressed into bricks to facilitate easy transportation across the border. It is very cheap and very unhealthy, as much more is smoked to achieve a high than higher potency marijuana.

Unlike sensimilla, schwag is loaded with seeds and THC-bearing crystals are nowhere to be seen. The potency of schwag is so low that it often does not even smell like weed.

Some varieties are called dirt for their sheer resemblance to compost. In fact, any high that comes from smoking schwag only comes after smoking very large amounts.

Also known as catnip, shwag (alternate spelling), shit, and other demeaning terms.
That schwag wouldn't get a fly high.

Often enough, high schoolers are duped by dealers into buying schwag under the impression that it is kb.

A pound of schwag only costs me $50!
by DrCrunkenstein June 28, 2005
Perhaps the coolest, most trippy and absorbing music to emerge from the modern music scene. A band characterized by a singer with an amazing voice, a guitarist whose reverberating solos swallow you whole, and a spot-on rhythm section.
I saw dredg open for Coheed and Cambria and it changed my life.

dredg's new album Catch Without Arms is absolutely ridiculous.
by DrCrunkenstein December 17, 2005