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A word commonly used on boards like 4chan, a drawfag is an artist who will post their own drawings on image boards. this can happen in many forms, from randomly posting in a thread, to creating a thread for themselves and taking requests from other users. Drawfags on 4chan usually remain anonymous, but others will create a recognizable name for themselves, running the risk of impersonation by trolls. these are also known as " Namefags"

A drawfag's fame depends not only on their talent, but their ability to fulfill requests ( A.K.A "Deliver"), their attitude towards the other users, Their frequency on the boards they draw for, and whether or not they made a name. Having said this, The term "Drawfag" is not an insult, and drawfags are not always scorned or looked down upon in 4chan's community. It can even be a term of endearment or positive meme.
" There was a drawfag thread not too long ago where anon requested Sherlock Holmes. Does anyone know if drawfag delivered?"

" Hi, Drawfag here. I'm taking requests, /y/, so ask away."

" We don't hate drawfags, but the attitude this one had would make you hate her too."
by /y/ Anon January 04, 2010
A person who likes to draw no matter how good/shitty their drawings are.
A drawfag, thats some nice piece of arr their.
by Hawkeyefile April 03, 2008
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