its a motion sickness pill that makes you trip out. and yes its hard to tell what is real and what isnt. taking less than 8 to 12 wont do anything. mess up your minds that way, Beligerent youths.
13 dramamine made him die.
by smartart August 23, 2007
a crazy medical drug the you can recieve over ther counter. it will make you see shit from all around. you can't tell what is real or not. Its like the gayest drug ever, and its basically poison. Dont do it. it'll fuck your life up
You dumbass bitch... you actually tried dramamine
by XxcoolkidxX July 15, 2006
Dramamine: An imaginary medication aimed at curing people of their never ending penchant for DRAMA!

Joel: She keeps texting me. When I call her back she hangs up. She always asks me where I have been....

Me: Dude, you need some God Damned DRAMAMINE and Kick her country ass to the curb!
by Alumni October 13, 2005
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