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intense, out of body experiancing molecule that will show you silhouettes of shoman. Indigenes beings, and complex patterns, tunnels and tunnels of complex patterns inside your brain. it will make you feel like youre not even a person anymore. youre just an energy and will show you a better way of life, if youre too scared to experiance the substance, i recommend something such as an isolation tank for a similiar experiance of finding different levels of consciousness.
i was rolling through tunnels of lights and patterns bouncing off the walls of my brain (on dmt). feeling as if someone else was growing inside of me pushing out of the top of my head and out of my arms
by smartart August 23, 2007
its a motion sickness pill that makes you trip out. and yes its hard to tell what is real and what isnt. taking less than 8 to 12 wont do anything. mess up your minds that way, Beligerent youths.
13 dramamine made him die.
by smartart August 23, 2007
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