Aubrey Drake Graham, drizzy, or Drake. An amazing rapper who has songs like "forever", "I'm on one", "Marvin's Room", and "Headlines". He teamed up with a bunch of other amazing rappers such as Lil Wyane, T-Pain, Nicki Minaj and many more, to form the group Young Money. Anyone who doesn't like his music either doesn't like rap, is completely out of there mind, or has been living under a rock. The only thing that brings Drake down is his starting career on Dagrassi as Jimmy.
Ex: "Dude did you hear that new Drake song?"
"Have you been living under a rock?"
by Sk8rgirl21 October 16, 2011
A funny, fun, handsome man. He is a very sweet guy when you are with him. Sometimes he can be a complete douchebag. He claims it is a joke but in reality it hurts. He doesnt like to express some of his feelings. He can be a very outgoing but mysterious. Particularly a jock but also very intellectual, this gives him a lot of friends. He is a very popular guy. Either you hate him or you love him!
Girl 1: drake is so cute!
Girl 2: but he's such an asshole...
Guy 1: take a joke hoe!
by PBJ12345 March 20, 2013
smallest TDMF on the planet.
Jesus, just look at the guys Drake. that's pathetic
by Holdyourhorses March 11, 2009
Aubrey Drake Graham, also known as 'Drizzy' or 'Drake', a recording artist and actor. He is part of Lil Waynes crew: 'Young Money'. The new slick-rick signed to the 'Cash Money' record label. Well known for his singles 'Best I Ever Had' and 'Successful'. Also, known for playng the character of Jimmy from Teen Nick's teen drama series Degrassi.
Guy 1: "Making hoes wobble like a bridge in uh earthquake!"
Guy 2: Are you singing Drake's music? The kid from Degrassi?
Guy 1: Yeah bro, his shizz is tight. Who knew he could act and flow?
by Charity Jule October 29, 2009
A good hearted, lyrical genius. Drake changed Hip-Hop like Tupac did, he is original and makes a lot of other rappers look like rookies. I don't understand why so many people hate on such a great guy. I suppose others are just jealous of his talent. Nobody wil ever do it like Drake's done it. He's got my respect for life.
by cegah12 February 02, 2015
The best rapper known to man kind; he's the one who music just does something to you, he has a song for everything you're going through.. how could you not love him? Drake is an overall single person because so many females just throw themselves at him but there's one girl who he's gonna spend the rest of his life with but he hasn't realized it yet and that female is Sherry....-Graham. Let's just say I'm a little physic.
Person 1:"Next time we fuck I don't wanna fuck, I wanna make love. Next time we talk I don't wanna just talk I wanna trust. Next time I stand tall I wanna be standing for you; and next time I spend I want it all to be for you."

Person 2: Let me guess, Drake again?!

Person 1: Yassss ^_^
by Topangaa no Last Name. October 13, 2013
The best rapper in the world and who doesn't care about his hater and has songs like H.Y.F.R and Amen feat. Meek Mill
Did you here the new Drake song??
Yes I loved it and with Meek Milll!!
by Mexicana210 September 27, 2012
The most amazing guy you can ever meet . He might make you cry , he might make you fall for him , he lies a lot . But one thing that "covers" all that is he will stick by your side til the end of forever if your close to him . He will protect you like your his sibling & will use his life to protect you . He will take a bullet for you & he is the most sweetest person you can ever meet . He says I love you in front of his friends and he's not afraid to show off his girlfriend . If you find a Drake in your life , most likely if its like my Drake ; he would be amazing <3 . Btw , he's also amazingly hott ;)
"Did you hear what Drake did ?"

"Yea , he beat this guy's ass becase he talked shit bout one of his best friends ."
"Right , that's crazy !"
by babygirl112111 January 07, 2012
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