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Aubrey Drake Graham, drizzy, or Drake. An amazing rapper who has songs like "forever", "I'm on one", "Marvin's Room", and "Headlines". He teamed up with a bunch of other amazing rappers such as Lil Wyane, T-Pain, Nicki Minaj and many more, to form the group Young Money. Anyone who doesn't like his music either doesn't like rap, is completely out of there mind, or has been living under a rock. The only thing that brings Drake down is his starting career on Dagrassi as Jimmy.
Ex: "Dude did you hear that new Drake song?"
"Have you been living under a rock?"
by Sk8rgirl21 October 16, 2011
A lower class of Dragon or a higher class of serpent. Used by Summoners and other Taimers instead of Dragons because they are easier to summon, or control. They look like Dragons only they haven't earned their arms yet.
The Dark Drake attacked the white wizard
by Ultimate Dragon March 23, 2004
Drake (noun): an interruption of a sporting or sexual act.
"Her folks came home and draked us"

Believed to have a connatation with
Sir Francis Drake, and the
purported legendary game of bowls he was playing, when the Spanish Armada was spotted off the coast of England in 1588.
by cheapleabargain March 10, 2009
another Young Money garbage "rapper." He's one of those faggits that are so damn popular when his music is just shitty feel good pop music. Why is he popular? #1. his fan base is full of 12-14 yr old girls. #2. Nobody these days has any idea what good/true hip hop is. Basically his music (along with Lil Wayne's) is made with shitty lyrics, and wastes a good beat. Comparing Drake to a rapper like Tech N9ne is like comparing a pistol to an AK47
12 yr old girl: OMG, OMG!!! I just heard Drake's song, "Over!!" It's my favorite song ever, I love Drake soooo much i could listen to his music alll dayyy!!!"

Me: hey guess what lil girl, Drake can choke on Lil Wayne's small penis, ya dumb bitch. Drake is a disgrace to fuckin music.
by alexx93 August 10, 2010
Drake is a douche bag. There is no better way to describe it. He doesnt consider other people's feelings. ever. he is conceited, even though he is NOT PARTICULARLY WELL ENDOWED AT ALL! but thats okay. he's attractive, but his lack of personality tends to overshadow his good looks. so basically he's nothing. just sayin'. (like really, he is nothing.) BADDDDDD KISSERRRRRR!
Drake Bord(has a small)dick.
Drake gets different girls drunk every weekend and then hooks up with them because no girl would ever hook up with him when theyre sober.
by cole&k8 September 12, 2009
Homo sexual duck. Likes it up the bottom hole!
Emma: Haha I went to the zoo and saw a homo sexual duck yesterday!
Jayne: Woah i own a drake!
Mahalia: Jayne smells like weed.
by breeziii October 14, 2007
A complete douche. He uses girls only for his pleasure. He is a COMPLETE tool. He is full of himself, though he has no need to. He has a VERY tiny cock. He usually sweet talks girls until they fall for him, then once they are hooked he tries to screw them, and finally after he has sex with them, he starts to get aggressive and angry ALL the time. He's a douche, don't fall for him.
"Did you hear about Drake?"
"Yeah, he cheated on that really sweet girl..."
"Omg! What an ass!!"
"Yeah! I hear he has a tiny dick covered in AIDS now!!"
by Sunset_Rising January 25, 2010
A stupid asshole who thinks he can get hot asian girls but he can't;; && thinks he is so filthy
Omg; That guy is being a drake
by Coooooler_thannn_youuu October 11, 2008