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A hit of sunshine in a shot of Goldschlager.
After 6 of those Dragon Drops I totally grew wings and a spiked tail.
by wtftime February 25, 2009
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The act following the poon job. The vagiant must now expel or rebirth the midget in a timely fashion. The vagiant must squat to midget height and push until midget drops to the ground.
After a great poon job, I made sure the Vagiant performed the Dragon Drop so she wouldn't get pregnant.
by Rick to The C January 04, 2008
A man who strings a girl along with no intention of ever dating her. Originates from the term "drag and drop." Can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
"You've been seeing Candy for a while now. Is it getting serious?"
"You kidding? She's a dragon drop. I've already got my eyes on somebody else."

"Did you hear about Mike and Sue?"
"No. What happened?"
"He dragon dropped her."
"NFW! He's such a pig."

by Nathanensuite August 17, 2008

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