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the ghetto verison of dr. pepper
kid: mommy, will you buy me a dr. pepper?
mother: no son, we are too poor. how about i buy you a dr. skipper instead?
by skin May 16, 2005
A generic form of Dr. Pepper. Usually sold in Safeway.
That's some great Dr. Skipper you've got there!
by Croquet Martini May 03, 2005
If you find that your pathetic collection of nickles and dimes is hardly enough for a much needed can/bottle/2 litter of Dr. Pepper, never fear! The inovative minds of Safeway Select have created for us Dr. Skipper. A name so delightfully familiar that we know what it's supposed to be a rip off of, yet still safe from the snapping jaws of soda company attourneys. You may find the price to be narly.

Warning: Driking Dr. Skipper warm may not result in a pleasuable expiriance.
"Hey guys, I searched the couch cushions today, how's about I spring for a two litter of Dr. Skipper!"

"Sure, sounds grand!"

"Thanks man, you're narly to the max"
by fondoo July 14, 2005
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