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Maker of shoe insoles that will cause you to become "Gellin' like a felon".
There's no tellin' how much I'm gellin'.

Hey Helen! You gellin'?

I'm gellin' like a felon! Want some melon?

I'm like Magellan I'm so gellin'.
by Rodney Basil October 07, 2003
The act of bringing your male partner to climax using only your feet, akin to a hand job.
That girl, Carla, gives mad Dr. Scholls.
by Woodpau March 02, 2014
Jealous or envious.

Evolution of jealous -> jelly -> jellin/gellin (gel in-soles) -> Dr. Scholls
You got a new TV? I'm so dr. scholls right now.
by bo25648126 November 27, 2012