A member of Dr. Gonzo's Bazooka Circus Only sings one song with them though, Also has a girlfriend named Kami
"There is Dr. Drew, oh my god he's so hot!!! "
by Dr. Drew March 23, 2005
Top Definition
The very intelligent host/co-host of loveline. He probably did a lot of good stuff as a doctor too.
"Dr. Drew, why am I such a loser?"
by DrMullet February 26, 2004
humorous doctor from loveline, very cool and informative and intelligent
"Dr. Drew in the hizzie!!!"
"I am a rapist"
"you're fat, you're overweight"
"are you Mormon?"
by vinnie January 20, 2005
Andrew Pinski, physician and addiction medicine specialist, co-hosts loveline on KROQ with Adam Corolla
Dr. Drew answered a question for me on Loveline about body lice.
by Ayn September 24, 2004
co-host of LoveLine

highly trained and well educated physician who has the ability to get to the root of a problem quickly and offer a step by step approach to it which could usually resolve or relieve its causes.
Dr. Drew is not afraid to take on. talk about and laugh at serious problems. He and Adam Corolla are a good team.
by dp9 April 02, 2004
FATASS juggalo homie
and funny when hes high
Dr. Drew is pissing in the fountina again
by Munkey April 07, 2005
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