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Dr. Carter is a song off of "The Carter 3" album by Lil' Wayne. if features unpredictable wordplay and a hidden meaning, showing once and for all the lil' wayne is smarter than what we give him credit for. in this song, he raps three verses with a man theme before each verse. the setting is what sounds like a busy hospital. in the first two verses, it comes across as he is trying to save a single rapper. but the third verse is what brings on the hidden meaning. in the first two verses, he tries to save yet just loses the life that is hip-hop. these verses symbolize his first two albums by the same name, "The Carter" and "The Carter Two", where he couldnt quite take over hip-hop just yet. the third and final verse then goes on to describe him saving the life of hip-hop, the fact that it is the third verse symbolizes the album that is "The Carter Three", which of itself has been raved to be one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. thats a little deeper thought for you, isnt it???
man, that song Dr. Carter is really deep!!!!
by dragonbasketball43 May 04, 2009