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Dr. Carter is a song off of "The Carter 3" album by Lil' Wayne. if features unpredictable wordplay and a hidden meaning, showing once and for all the lil' wayne is smarter than what we give him credit for. in this song, he raps three verses with a man theme before each verse. the setting is what sounds like a busy hospital. in the first two verses, it comes across as he is trying to save a single rapper. but the third verse is what brings on the hidden meaning. in the first two verses, he tries to save yet just loses the life that is hip-hop. these verses symbolize his first two albums by the same name, "The Carter" and "The Carter Two", where he couldnt quite take over hip-hop just yet. the third and final verse then goes on to describe him saving the life of hip-hop, the fact that it is the third verse symbolizes the album that is "The Carter Three", which of itself has been raved to be one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. thats a little deeper thought for you, isnt it???
man, that song Dr. Carter is really deep!!!!
by dragonbasketball43 May 04, 2009
women used for recreation, often used to describe women you tend to see as objects, thus saying that you want to have dirty mind blowing balls deep intercourse with.
Cody: Hey man, what are we doing tonight??

Mason: Bitches and Hoes man, Bitches and Hoes...

by dragonbasketball43 June 02, 2009
this refers to the name that Matt Bailey received in early September of 2009. He goes by Bossman Bailey when he defeats less competent people in bowling by one pin, even though it was only the fourth time the Bossman had played in his life. The Bossman Bailey rules over The Boss and all other Boss-like references
Mason: your a bitch!!!

Bailey: you can call me Bossman Bailey!
by dragonbasketball43 October 05, 2009
Acronym for MOTHER FUCKERS FOR LIFE! It is used to describe bros that are down with that true ass dope shit. They like to fuck bitches, get money, kill niggas, and yell out expletives at random people.

It is also the name for a band, under the genre of humorous rap.
Cody: I love you man

Mason: I love you too man

Cody: You know what that means???

Mason: Yea nigga! We are MFFL!!!!
by dragonbasketball43 June 03, 2009

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