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A beer drinking game where you have a small to medium sized bowl with a wide short cup in the middle of a bowl and four beers infront of where you are sitting touching the bowl. You have to make a quarter and try to make it into either bowl, cup, or on top of beer. The winners get to pour as much beer as they want in the bowl for each independent player and each loser has to drink the whole bowl without the bowl leaving their lips

Number of players: 4
Per team: 2

Scoring- Played up to 11 win by 2
Bowl: 1 point
Cup: 3 points
On top of beer: 5 points
NST 1- Dude in tryna get slothed tonight
NST 2- Yeah, mame mere we should play DOYNK!
OTHER- Be clean the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow!
by NST spoof March 07, 2011
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