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In homosexual parlance, equivalent to a "bottom". The one who receives the "load", as opposed to the one who delivers it, either in the mouth or the ass, ie. the "uploader"
-"How'd it go last night, Eric?"
-"Pretty sweet, man! I love bein a downloader! Loved swallowing his jizzabytes!"
by Spunkelunker August 13, 2010

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Created in 2011 by Jevastus Destinus, this word is used to refer to someone that downloads stuff illegally on the Internet--a pirate.
Jevastus: Yo, who gives a fuck if you's a downloader?
Some dude: Nobody.
by Jevastus Destinus January 19, 2011
A slang for "internet connection" created in 2010 by Jevastus Destinus.
Guy #1: What speed is your downloader?
Guy #2: Who cares.
by Jevastus Destinus January 18, 2011