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Not approving a shitty definition on Urban Dictionary.
Man- This definition is terrible. And by terrible i mean it sends schockwaves of pain and hate throughout my entire being. If I could, I would somehow find the son of a bitch who wrote this definition, pull out his teeth one by one, rip off his fingernails, and drown him in a boiling vat of my piss, shit, and vomit.

Man 2- Dude, just Down Vote it.

Man- You know what, I can just live with doin that! But, to get my overwhelming thoughts of hate and malice off my mind, I'll just masturbate ferociously to pictures of myself.
by CasualSuicide December 26, 2010
To vote as negatively as possible on something simply to offset its vote average.
A good example of downvote would be to give this definition a thumbs down, even though it's perfectly legit.
by Douglas Young October 28, 2007

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