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A school that is only filled with ASIANs and INDIANs. Everyone teaches them selves and the schools teachers get credit. The (white) kids who don't choose to practice violin and have no social life and teach themselves what the teachers should be teaching, look stupid. Most of the students are antisocial and are rude as fuck. If you have a decision of going to anyother school and Dougherty.... DONT GO TO DOUGHERTY.
"dang are there any white or black people who go to Dougherty Valley High School?"
by White kid at dougherty January 13, 2013
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It's a wonderful school that restricts traditional unhealthy behaviors such as the senior cut day and April Fools prank and encourages excellence exemplified by the rigorous academic competitions and a proud-worthy API score of 907. It is known for a cooperative administration, a specialized focus on standardized tests, and active treatments to student complaints.
"Have you heard about Dougherty Valley High School?"
"Of course. I would love to go there. People set such heroic goals for themselves. What I love the most about the school is that the staff reflects the ‘Dougherty Valley High School Expected School Wide Learning Results’ beautifully by treating all people equally and not holding any bias opinions against certain individuals.”
by APGliff August 29, 2010

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