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Something said after a bad attempt at a joke is made. Similar to saying "not funny". Also known as "Eddy".
Ryan: ...So then I was like "Oh yeah? Well Collin's head is like a beach ball!"
Zac: Doug
by Big Richard Inc. January 03, 2012
The most amazing guy you'll ever meet. He is charming, handsome, funny, and not afraid to be goofy which makes him even more attractive than he already is. Loyal and friendly, everyone loves him and wants to be around his magnetic personality. His smile makes all the girls melt. Girls love him but he doesn't really notice, the only girl he notices is the one he loves. He's the tall dark and handsome type. He's talented mostly in the athletic area, and loves to have fun. He makes people happy. He's selfless and doesn't know his own self-worth. Doug isn't afraid to speak his mind but it is never a bad thing. He will fight for the ones he loves. He is very persuasive and knows how to get you to say yes to anything because he never gives up. When he's attracted to a girl he can't keep his hands off her, especially if they are in a relationship. He's so amazing to be around that the time you're around him is never enough and when you aren't around him you're constantly thinking about him.
I love my Dougie <3 he's amazing
by Dougismyfavoriteperson April 21, 2013
The Epitome of Fast.

The Contradiction of Lazy and Slow.
A religion of being quick.
- "The Power of Doug compels you!"
- "That dispenser is quite slow today"

" I think it needs a little bit of Doug in it"
- "I feel quite fast today, nope not lazy at all! I feel Doug

inside of me."
by Healed by Doug July 05, 2012
Doug is the type of guy you dream about every single night. He's the definition of HOT!!! He plays trumpet and rocks at soccer. He's super sweet, and any girl would be lucky to have his ass. Doug is amazing. I wish he was mine...
doug is amazing

doug always wears the same jacket
by pastaeatergirl12 February 25, 2012
A very handsome guy who couldn't be any more perfect in any way. Loving and always there to support you and love you the way you are. Can be a bit shy at times but that makes him even more irresistable. Never overly clingy, but just enough to make you want more. Knows how to treat his girlfriend just right, and makes all the other girls jealous. He never braggs about his accomplishments, but can be competitive at times. With black hair, sea green eyes and hearts as big as they come. I love you Doug <3
C: Look at that girl with Doug!
M: What a lucky girl to be with someone so perfect.....
by Doug Lover <3 ;) November 28, 2011
that one dude that every girl wants, and is good in relationships, a doug will have a relationship for a long period of time, a doug who is sweet kind sort of odd and has excellent taste in music, every girl dreams that one day they will have their very own doug.
girl: who was that guy who showed you that really cool indie band?!?!?
other girl: oh! that was doug! hes a hottie.
by HaLane August 04, 2011
The coolest person ever, he is so cool chuck norris wants his autograph. he is smoother than Keith Stone. He is also the god of Beer Pong. But don't piss him off or me might scream at a child, hes just that awesome!
man did you see Doug and how kick ass he is.