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The pubic hair that grows under the chin of college boys who masturbate early in the morning while their roommate sleeps peacefully. It also has a hairless circular region in the middle of the chin hair that grows human spores that grow into clones of the host.
Master Bates has an omega douff growing on his face.
by Morgan First November 26, 2006
To stab someone in both eyeballs at the same time, using the index and pointer fingers.
"If you don't shut up, I will douff you."
"Say one more thing about my mama and I will douff your eyeballs."
by Bigblackie November 28, 2013
An abnormal protusion of unshaved hair that appears and grows on the chin of a human being.
He had not shaved for three weekss and his chin that had once been a beard was now a omega douffe of mass proportions.
by Corey Bates November 27, 2006