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A doufensnackle refers to someone who is unintelligent, "dense" or closed-minded.

This person will think they're better than everyone else, and they're very arrogant.

A doufensnackle may also be racist, homophobic, or sexist.

Typically, nobody likes the doufensnackle, and their friends talk a lot of shit behind their backs.

A doufensnackle will also probably say they have "swag" and talk about how much ass they get.
: "Oh my God did you hear what Callie said about Tia? What a doufensnackle."
: "Yeah, I know right? Callie totally is a doufensnackle!"


: "Chris is so rude, obnoxious, racist, and such a doufensnackle!"
: "Ugh, I know right? Doufensnackle is such a good word to describe him."


: "Dude I have so much swag!"
: "Stop being a doufensnackle."
by TiaLikesCakeOoops January 22, 2014
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