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Pertaining to any homo-sapien that emanates an overall sense of: self-justification, terrible joke-telling/movie quoting, nosiness, and possesses macabre physical features that are insurmountable by any amount of mangled dead babies.
Any Normal Guy: "Yeah man, its been really hard for me to let go of my grandma's memory ever since she was mutilated by a passing farm implement last month."

Douchekabob: "Oh yeah, my cock was hard when I penetrated your grammy's mangled skull via eyesocket, bahahaha high five bro."

by wilynilystoleyourbily March 25, 2009
8 2
When your level of douchebaggery results in multiple servings to the people and world around you.
Ken is such a douche-kabob!
by ava27 November 12, 2013
0 0
Regarding the employment industry; a group of 4 or more people coming in to fill out an application for employment with only 1 person that speaks english.
Here comes a douche kabob, want to place bets on which one speaks english?
by Mrs. Hotits Ann Asses July 12, 2010
0 9