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Pertaining to any homo-sapien that emanates an overall sense of: self-justification, terrible joke-telling/movie quoting, nosiness, and possesses macabre physical features that are insurmountable by any amount of mangled dead babies.
Any Normal Guy: "Yeah man, its been really hard for me to let go of my grandma's memory ever since she was mutilated by a passing farm implement last month."

Douchekabob: "Oh yeah, my cock was hard when I penetrated your grammy's mangled skull via eyesocket, bahahaha high five bro."

by wilynilystoleyourbily March 25, 2009
So many different levels and variety of douche you have to skewer them.
He is such a douche-kabob I can't even explain it.
by Friskycummings March 11, 2016
When your level of douchebaggery results in multiple servings to the people and world around you.
Ken is such a douche-kabob!
by ava27 November 12, 2013
Regarding the employment industry; a group of 4 or more people coming in to fill out an application for employment with only 1 person that speaks english.
Here comes a douche kabob, want to place bets on which one speaks english?
by Mrs. Hotits Ann Asses July 12, 2010
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