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Unintentional crease/fold in a notebook, paper or book currently in use. Can be used as noun/verb or reflexive verb/adjective.
1. I have a doucheflap in my notebook. RAH!
2. Shit. I just doucheflapped my book.
3. This notebook is doucheflapping on me!
4. This book is so doucheflappy!
by Ira Banks and Laila Matar January 17, 2009
(Not to be confused with actual douche/hygiene-maintenance equipment)

Someone who goes way beyond the normal, standard definition of an asshole. Usually used as a term to describe/direct one's anger (and in some cases, absolute rage) at someone who is pissing them off to a very high degree.

Synonyms: see ass clown, Assclown McDouche
"Sweet fucking Jesus tits! Look at this douche flap cutting me off!" Nice driving asshole!"

"Even though I have higher qualifications, Henry gave the promotion to that fucking douche flap Dave who isn't even here half the time!"
by Brownie O May 10, 2012
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