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Someone who "bags" douches. Douchebaggers prowl the streets keeping douches in their place. They target douches that seem to be disturbing others with their blatant douchebaggery. After the douche has been put into submission, it is common practice to hogtie them and dump them in a nearby river or dumpster.
Douchebagger #1: Hey man, see that douche over there in the Hollister shirt and the sideways baseball cap?

Douchebagger #2: Yeah, what a douche.

Douchebagger #1: Let's bag him!

Douchebagger #2: Hell yeah!
by KangarooTaco May 17, 2010
(noun) an insidious obnoxious person with questionable objectives meddling in your affairs; someone who doesn't know you at all but busts up on your business and starts saying crap, giving advice, acting like it's his business, as if he knows what to do (Douche + Carpet-bagger)
Sam was telling a story about his ex, Lori, at the party, and some total douchebagger bust up into the scene and went off.
by Holly M S June 01, 2010
Teabaggers, namely ignorant, racist, Obama-hating conservatives who pitch a bitch every time Barack Obama does something to try to help poor bastards like them. Brainwashed by hateful conservative pundits, they have no idea that they are fighting against their own economic interest, but continue to publicly spout their ignorance and attempt to block the progress that this corrupt country so desperately needs.

They are conservatives, ergo they are douchebags: hence the term "douchebaggers." See also "douchebagger."
1. Boy, those douchebaggers on TV really have their panties in a bunch. What a pack of idiots. What are they so angry about?

2. Yollin keeps wearing his stupid Obama-bashing t-shirts. He's a real douchebagger.
by OsirusR July 01, 2010
One who bags douches
that guy has six trash bags full of douches
by dog chain March 24, 2005
Someone who creates a forced meme
"That troll on Fark is a real douchebagger."
by Vygramul March 26, 2010
Ajerk: a mean or rude person especially on the Internet; An Individual of self esteem: the liberal opposite of a tea bagger
(Self Esteem)
by Justiceis not4U March 05, 2010
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