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It is the pocket of traffic on an otherwise empty two-three lane highway/thoroughfare caused by one (or sometimes two) individuals driving excessively slowly in the far left, passing, or "fast" lane.

It can also be used to refer to the individual creating this sort of traffic congestion.
Holy Crap ... look at that nightmare up ahead all caused by one friggin' Douche Pocket.
by justhalfbad March 13, 2009
Douchepocket (noun) A person that is the container of all that is douche. A person that holds allot of doucherie inside of them. Full of douche like a womb. A negative term used to describe a person that is a complete Idiot,prick,moron or asshole.
I carried his bags up three flights of stairs and that douchepocket didn't even say thanks or give me a tip.

Toby is a douchepocket for promising to clean the dishes and then leaving the chores for someone else to do.

He seemed like a nice guy, but later at the party he turned out to be a total douchepocket.
by Corbinscorner July 05, 2009
a cooler way to say douche bag, funnier, less offensive, something someone wrote in my health book
He was such a douche pocket, i just couldn't help but laugh.
by Kat January 01, 2004
1. A pocket located within one's douche to store nuts for the winter.

2. A 64 year-old Portuguese woman who swallows rabbits and fingers pineapples in her free time.
Ex: "You must have loads of nuts stored, your douche pocket is excreting heaps of enflamed retards."

Ex: "Look at that old woman violating a pineapple. What a douche pocket!"
by freebiglurch May 27, 2012
next to douche snackpack in the level of douche sature; someone of less than average size, who is a douche of greater stature than a douche snackpack, but of lesser stature than a douche bag.
at first when she was turned sideways i thought she was a douche snack pack, but then she faced me and i realized she's totally a douche pocket
by Bean6969 March 13, 2008

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