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the big poppa douche; a douche duffel is a person who is the biggest possible douche. douche duffels are people who are not only behemoth in stature, but also behemoth in thier degree of doucheness.
oh my god man, that guy was such a douche duffel i couldn't help but stop and stare, but then i had to book it at the last minute so his wide load didn't own my ass
by Bean6969 March 13, 2008
the smallest stature of douche; a person of excessively miniscule height and size, devoid of muscle mass who is none the less a douche of the first degree.
shit son that guy is such a douche snackpack he could blow away in a strong wind
by Bean6969 March 13, 2008
following douche snackpack and douche pocket in the catalogue of douches; a douche bag is a person who is a significant douche of relatively average size, smaller than a douche duffel, yet bigger than a douche pocket
so, i was walking along right, just mindin' my own business, and then this douche bag comes outta nowhere, and gets all up in my grill with his ample junk'n shit
by Bean6969 March 13, 2008
next to douche snackpack in the level of douche sature; someone of less than average size, who is a douche of greater stature than a douche snackpack, but of lesser stature than a douche bag.
at first when she was turned sideways i thought she was a douche snack pack, but then she faced me and i realized she's totally a douche pocket
by Bean6969 March 13, 2008
a horny bean; the epitome of clitoral arousal and erected-ness
lick my bean stalk!!!
by Bean6969 March 13, 2008

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