A factory in which underpaid workers work full time to produce douchebags.
Jim works at the douche factory all day long being underpaid and working his ass off by providing this world with douchebags only to come home to his wife who then proceeds to yell at him for not making enough money making douchebags.
by C to the O December 21, 2006
Top Definition
Any business or scholastic entity that attracts douchebags or promotes douchebaggery to the extent that the vast majority of the members of that entity become douchebags. Douche factories are frequently law firms, real estate agencies, fraternity houses, or the University of Tennessee.
Hey, why did Steve change his name to Brody, start over-gelling his hair, wearing sunglasses upside down and backwards on his head, and carrying his man-bag around everywhere, even to the movie theater?

Yeah, he was fine until he started working for Remax and driving that smart-car.

Oh man, that place is such a douche factory.
by nomanbags April 01, 2010
even worse than a douchebag, it's the place where douchebags are maufatured. Places can be douchefactories but if a person is a real douche then they too can be a douchefactory.
That new club is a total douchefactory.
Matt is such a douchefactory
by The AdventureMan February 26, 2009
A college or university which produces a large number of douchebags.
Brad just graduated from ASU with a degree in communications which shows what a douche factory that place is.
by MINDGASM May 16, 2009

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