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Any business or scholastic entity that attracts douchebags or promotes douchebaggery to the extent that the vast majority of the members of that entity become douchebags. Douche factories are frequently law firms, real estate agencies, fraternity houses, or the University of Tennessee.
Hey, why did Steve change his name to Brody, start over-gelling his hair, wearing sunglasses upside down and backwards on his head, and carrying his man-bag around everywhere, even to the movie theater?

Yeah, he was fine until he started working for Remax and driving that smart-car.

Oh man, that place is such a douche factory.
by nomanbags April 01, 2010
The term for braces worn in the mouth of a girl or woman over the age of 18. These are so named for the negative effect the apparatus has on the inability for the wearer to successfully engage in fellatio, and for her partner to survive it.
It is hard for a woman in her thirties with a messed up grill to choose between entering her last years of dating with a British smile or dick graters. Either way, it does not look good.
by nomanbags August 18, 2010
1) Caucasian-American origin dance which is performed by a young man, usually in khaki pants and a way-too-tight shirt, who's only move consists of little more than humping the left or right side of his partner arhythmically whilst both arms are raised in the air. Made famous by "A Night at the Roxbury"

2) The dance move that resembles dry-humping the left or right side of your dance partner anywhere from the hip down.
Sue: How was your date with Glen last night?
Mary: Well, he took me to the club, but all he knew was The Cocker Spaniel. He got got so excited he tore my ACL.
by nomanbags April 02, 2010
1) Descriptive term for any item or commodity that is currently stocked to an acceptable level.

2) The root word of replenished.
I checked supplies and we need to replenish beer, cheetos, and salsa, but the toilet paper is already plenished unless Ed comes to visit; that guy must take 7 shits a day!
by nomanbags April 02, 2010
1) To be let go from one's employment for looking up definitions in the Urban Dictionary during work hours.

2) To be dissed by name or reference in an Urban Dictionary definition.
1) "Stu, if you don't stop trying to learn how to do the snappy dragon on Urban Dictionary, you will be urbinated for sure."

2) Stu -"Man, I did the angry scotish pirate to my sister's friend, and she totally put my name the definition for Douchie McDoucher"

McGoo - "Wow. Urbinated. Burn."
by nomanbags April 02, 2010
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