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A girl/young woman who seems to only know how to date Douchebag guys
Damn, there is Sara and her new boyfriend, Darryl. That's three in a row for her. SHe must be a douchaholic.
by Jerseyboy62 August 05, 2007
1. One who is addicted to douching.
2. One who is such a douchebag it's like an addiction.
1. "My snatch is so rank, the only way to make it less putrid is for me to be a douchaholic"
2. "Bob is such a douche, he's a douchaholic"
by Funky Winkerbean June 20, 2003
If you found this....you are the definition.
The douchaholic is looking for his next "cool" word to use from the Urban Dictionary.
by NoNamesAreLeftOnHere March 15, 2010