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Very Large Fake Tits with Massive Oreo Cookie Sized Nipples.
Those are obviously "Double Stuffed Oreo's" because they don't sag or bounce at all.
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
During a run-of-the-mill gangbang, a women proceeds to lie down naked while the first gentleman takes a dump on her chest. The 2nd and 3rd men then ejaculate on the shit, followed by a 4th man taking a dump on the fresh jizz. The double-stuffed oreo is now complete and ready for consumption by the classy female.
Man #1: Did you hear about Lacey's bachlorette party? I heard her friends hired special entertainment.
Man #2: Yea I heard it got pretty crazy. The people they hired gave her a double-stuffed oreo. Gross.
by Ninjas of Love August 15, 2010
a black person who is extra white, more than an oreo
clive is so white
yeah, hes a double stuffed oreo
by cheesy39 September 06, 2010
An interracial sexual act involving two African American men and one white woman, where one man is penetrating the vagina while the other man is penetrating the anus. Can be used to describe the female participant or the act itself.
I heard that slut was a double stuffed Oreo last night, now she can't even walk!

by flipyourboob November 02, 2007
When an African American woman is double penetrated by two White men.
Teresa was found by her room-mate getting a double stuffed oreo.
by Tuck Fan August 22, 2011
When a black man gets double-stuffed with two white penis'.
Me and Jeff Double-Stuffed Oreo our black friend Stephon last for hours. He cried long time.
by RILUI September 26, 2012
The codeword one uses when they want their friends to know it's time to fight.
Guy #1: "This douche is pissing me off!"
Rest of Guys: "It's going down, betches!!!"
Guy Pissing Everyone Else Off: "I best get out of here before I die..."
*Fight commences*
by BETCH! May 09, 2010
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