Saying something that has more than one meaning. Such meanings are generally naughty. A double entendre is fun for everyone!
That was a double entendre!
I know, man, I know!
There were TWO entendres!
by karmanganswanga September 09, 2007
(noun) - a double intent; double meaning; a spoken phrase which can be understood in either of two ways.
(Origin: briefly, "entendre" is from French, the root word "entente," meaning intent.)
~OFFICER: "Why did you try to do that to the girl in the bar, sir? Can't you see she's far too young for you?"
-DRUNK MAN: "Well, she was old enough to be in a bar, wasn't she?"
~"She told the waitress she was in school, but she didn't elaborate."
-"University? Community college?"
~"No, as it turns out."
-"Trade school, then? High school?"
~"Elementary, my dear pervert. Now get in the patrol car."

(Also: See ringhorne definition of diet, the example used there suits this.)
by ringhorne July 27, 2005
Putting an object, such as a peen, in one's vageen, and another object such as another peen, or a dillie, or a english cucumber, in the pooper sphinky. commonly known as double penetration, dp, or the 2 hole tango.
Annie: Oh, hashmeer. I would like you to do things to me like the sun and the moon
Hashmeer: No Annie, no time
annie: Can we just do a simple double entendre
Hashmeer: Oh Annie I just want, you know what, all i have time for is double entendre
Annie: okay lets do da damn thang
by Olde Gregggg April 04, 2008

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