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Double dutch also means playing jump rope with two ropes and two people jumping simultaneously; this involves four people total: two jumping and two turning the ropes. During the very early years of hip-hop culture, double-dutch was an element of the culture, and young people, usually girls, would have double-dutch competitions at block parties. After hip-hop began moving towards the mainstream in the early 1980s, double-dutch fell out of favor as an element of hip-hop, although it remains popular with schoolchildren to this day.
Double Dutching was the ninth element of hip hop.

See also 9 elements of hip hop
by Jena4098 September 25, 2005
A penetrative sex act wherein the male partner, or partners, switch from penetration of the vagina, to penetration of the anus, then back into the vagina. This can be done in any amount of intervals, including stroke for stroke, but must start with the vagina.
I found myself so into the double-dutching that I was hittin' that hoe between the pussy and the ass with every other stroke.
by choking on the blowtorch October 12, 2007
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