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Using both a condom and anticonception pills when making babies without making babies.
If you're both too ugly to curse this world with a bilateral product, you should be doing it double dutch.
by pariah September 10, 2003
typical nethouse customer
How do I use this internet thing
by Pariah March 21, 2003
1. the absence of logic pertaining to socks
2. an adjective to describe the lack of logic
3. painful undertakings, as in "psychological torture" or " sockillogical torture" when trying to pair socks after doing the laundry
4. bad dress sense; poorly matching clothes.
a. Looking for matching socks in the morning is sockillogical.
b. The businessmen in the photograph were mostly sockillogical in that 3 out of 5 had mismatching socks.
by Pariah February 24, 2005
Telc - To suck your cum out of your boyfriend's anus.
After Juan came, he telched Pauly and left quickly.
by Pariah February 23, 2005
Shortened version of YouThink.com
I've spent all day on YT.
by Pariah March 27, 2005
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