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A double bluff is a type of bluff where you lure your opponent into thinking that you are bluffing, and commit to a position based on the perception that you're bluffing, when you in fact hold all of the cards. It's a very dad humor type of prank humor. E.g. filling a jar with spiders, placing it next to the cookies, and labeling it SPIDERS DO NOT OPEN.
Don't open that jar it's FULL OF SPIDERS!

"Ahhhhh! I thought you were kidding!"

"Ahahaha yes, it was a double bluff I got you!"
by barry b July 30, 2016
A specific type of of irony. When someone bluffs a bluff, if the person who originally bluffed falls for the second bluff it is a double bluff.
When someone makes a sarcastic remark, if you make your own sarcastic remark believable enough to get the person to think you didn't pick up on the sarcasm. It is a double bluff:
"Hey Steve, that fish shirt your wearing is pretty sweet. You should wear it everyday."
"Thanks Tage, I know. I love it and I am tempted to wear it everyday."
"No Steve, that shirt sucks. I was just kidding."
"Obviously, DOUBLE BLUFF"

If a bunch of college guys pull a prank on some girls by staging a fake robbery in a house and the house actually gets robbed while they are joking about it being robbed. It would be a double bluff.
by UPC Sophmore Group February 22, 2009
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