a female that is not very attractive but has a nice body that you need to not only put one bag over her face you need two!
that chick had some nice titties but was a double-bagger!
by tim e. from verm! March 24, 2004
Top Definition
A woman so ugly that fucking her is only possibly with the use of two bags: One over her head, and a second bag over your own head in case her bag falls off
That ugly bitch is a double bagger.


Kelvin's mom is a double bagger.
by Da Jello Pimp April 01, 2003
A girl so physically revolting that in order to keep from vomiting in her presence, you need to put a bag over her head and your head.
That chick you screwed last night was a double bagger.
by Gieb Daddy March 09, 2003
when a girl is so ugly that you put and bag on her head and your head incase the bag on her head breaks or falls off.
damn your mom is so ugly i had to pull a double bagger on her last night.
by t-bag ur face April 02, 2010
a very ugly person (from the notion that one would need two bags to cover up the ugliness, one to go over the subject's head and another to go over one's own head see also triple-bagger)
Wow, look at the huge nose on that double-bagger over there.
by Light Joker October 13, 2005
a person so ugly that in order to have sex with them you have to put two bags over their head incase the first one rips.
She's a doublebagger
by Lawgiver January 24, 2004
(n) A guy's term to describe a girl who's so ugly that she needs a brown paper bag over her head and one for him, too, in case her's falls off. A really ugly chick. 80's Slang.
Dude, that chick is such a double-bagger! Good thing that thetre was dark, or you'da been blinded!
by Borden May 25, 2004
a person so ugly that in order to have sex with them you have to put a bag ove their head and a bag over your head in case theirs falls off.
Your momma is so ugly i bet your daddy had to doublebagger.
by G January 23, 2003
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