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The worst insult possible.
1: Ha ha, raped your dog.
2: You... You... YOU DOUBLE NIGGER!
by Skion November 23, 2007
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In standard internet debate, forum members argue in a logical manner between themselves until someone pulls a reductio ad Hitlerium, or the infamous race card. Exemplum Gratus: "Nigger". To which the only response is to magnify the race card to "Double Nigger".
A: Gun control should be advocated
B: I disagree gun control restricts our freedom
A: But if you look at the history, it shows...
B: Screw history, you know who else liked history?
A: Who?
B: Hitler, thats right.
A: Whatever Nigger
B: ..
B: ...

Thread closed by moderator
by bluberrry December 27, 2007
An exclamation of rage.
fuckshit. dickcunting doublenigger.
by fucknipples March 29, 2008
Rarely used NOW in internet debates but I DO believe it was used in 4chan and or YouTube arguments.NOW for the meaning,if someone is called a nigger (Ignorant person) you call them a DOUBLE nigger (2x the ignorance as a regular nigger)
Dude:Where did you get that hat?
Dude2:From your mother
Dude:What was that for?
Dude2:Because your a nigger
by Kugamine December 12, 2010
Much like Triple Jew. Less politically-charged than "faggot".
"Oh man you goddam double nigger"
by kaiza96 December 02, 2007

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