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Jewish people are known for their savvy and quick business wit. A double Jew bluff is the epitomy of this trait. A double Jew bluff is when a Jew and non Jew enter into an agreement meant to be mutually beneficial yet somehow and without fail, the Jew manages to benefit twice while the non Jew pays dearly yet still believes he's gotten the best deal.
Person 1: "Did you hear about jeremie (non Jew)?"
Person 2: "no, what happened"
Person 1: "He and Mike(Jew) agreed to swap work shifts, but after Jeremie had already covered his, Mike told him he would be happy to cover his but that there would be a special guest speaker at work that day. Jeremie immediately agreed to work believing he got the better deal"
Person 2: "Wow- Mike totally double Jew bluffed him"

Example 2: "Did you see the latest West Bank saga? They totally double Jew bluffed the Palestinians out of more land yet again!"

Example 3: Jesus was the ultimate double Jew bluffer. He tricked Judas by allowing him to deceive him and turn him over to the Romans. He did this because he knew it would ultimately lead to his crucifixion, resurrection and ultimately- save Christianity. The ultimate double Jew bluff indeed.
by Little donkey April 23, 2014
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