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1) A ball juggler

2) A German family from the late 1700s

3) An extermemly annoying person. (can also be used with definition #1)
1) Chris was being such a doub today at gym.

2) We learned about the Doubs in school today.

3) Chris wouldn't stop yelling and acting hyper today, therefore, he is a doub.

Can also be used in the plural sense:
Chris and Adam were being doubs today.

(Chris and Adam are 2 common names and should not be associated with any real-life counterparts)
by AC/DC 4 Life March 22, 2009
Shortened version of W-T-F, which is an abbreviation of "What the Fuck?!".

It is primarily derived from the letter W (double U). DOUBLE U = DOUBS.
Toni: Hey man I just ate a peacock
Gil: N to the S Ms. Collete! What did that badboy taste like?
Toni: Ya mum!
Gil: DOUBS?!?!
by Slicksville April 13, 2009
t9 speak for dota

dota is a warcraft 3 scenario game
dota stands for Defense of the Ancients
Hey man... I want to doub.
by crackmasta5 May 14, 2009
1. 22 inch rims
2. Doing something twice, two for the price of one.
1. Check out the doubs on that Escalade.
2. When I hit Steve with the baseball it bounced and hit Tom, DOUBS!

by Loebz January 28, 2009
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