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Does, from Shakespearian English.
The ocean doth not hold enough water represent n'ere all of thys affection.
by Ghost August 06, 2003
Stands for Dorm Off The Hook. This is, however, not a dorm but the apartment or house you live in with your friends during college. For it to be a true DOTH there should always be an abundant supply of alcohol present, just in case.
Dude, should we have a party at DOTH this weekend?
To perform an act of any sort. An old english term. Only tools or fookers say this word.
Peter: I doth mod
Gray: You doth not get laid saying doth.
by kentird34 June 24, 2010
the ability to turn invisible
The apparition turned Doth after all the commotion we put forth.
by Ghost August 06, 2003
like a butterflys wings that have been touch, the same feeling goes for human beings... think about it.
His whole world is doth.
by Thiessan August 06, 2003

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