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Short for Dorothy, or Doorothy sometimes. This person has often been seen in skinny jeans and a black hoodie with white and pink shoes.

Shy by nature but has a nasty habit of doing a face that makes you want to stop walking, drop trousers and take a dump. This sensation is very hard to describe if you haven't seen the face itself.

Has been known to give a whole new meaning to the term: SYNTAX ERRROR.
Alex: Hey Dorrie how are y-


Alex: whoa....ok ... fine....
by makokasyx April 26, 2009
a girl that may change her mind and or feelings about you many times in a very short period of time...she may also steal your best friend, or your best friend may steal her from you...who knows...alisha
dorries online and shes being a bitch

man dorrie keeps playing with my head...idk what to do anymore...oh yeah..there she goes in my best friends car...i wave...they give me the
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
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