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A massive annoying pain in the ass. With any of the following attributes;
-Chews loud
-Massive hips
-Two faced
-Irrationally rude and pleased about it
-Droopy Faced
-Smart in school, otherwise stupidest person you'll ever meet
-Makes you want to like... do unmentionable things to babies
-Begs to hear what you're talking about, doesn't listen, then begs to hear what you said
-Or just pretends not to hear things
-Ugly as hell
-Extremely judgmental of other peoples looks ( though ugly )
-Talks worse about her bestfriends than her enemies
-Emotional Wreck
- All around horrible friend and horrible person and horrible to look at
"Hey, could you throw this in the garbage with your stuff?"
"No. :)"
"Wtf, why?"
* goes throws her stuff in garbage and pretends not to hear *
"Fucking Dorph"

"...So I said 'no, she was wearing pink' and he was like-"
"Hmm? What are you talking about?"
"Oh ahah nothing, I was just talking to-"
"I know but what were you talking about, who was wearing pink?"
"Oh, it was nothing."
"No, tell me."
"Ughhh, god. I think Amanda was wearing pink at the party but Sharon thinks her dress was more of a red. Happy?"
"Wait what? Sorry, I wasn't listening. Say it again."
"You're such a Dorph."
"Huh? What?"
by maddiedesprez October 29, 2008
someone who thinks they are cool but everybody hates them
look at brett gambrell...
what a dorph
by todd evans 3322 July 01, 2005
A person or thing, who likes to have a redorphuous time, while doing redorphulous things.
OMG, emma acted like such a dorph last night when she ran around palace green naked.
by hmmmmmmmmmm.. May 01, 2010

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