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n. (idea, state of being) To be utterly insulted by the absence of humanity or conviction in those around you who are in position to express it, live it and uphold it.

1) v. to vehemently assert oneself
2) v. to stand up for those who have fallen, even if it means you will fall yourself. also, to fall and pull others into the flame with you.
adj. of, from, or relating to the qualities of vengeance as laid out by Christopher Dorner
n. This place is starting to appeal to my Dorner.
1) v. Fuck this, I'm about to get all Dorner up in this bitch!
2) v. Oh, you're gonna take me down? Let's Dorner this shit together bitches.
adj. Well since i'm falling with the fallen, let's all fall together you Dorner bitches!
by glegipon February 12, 2013
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1. antihero — n , pl -roes

a central character in a novel, play, etc, who lacks the traditional heroic virtues

2. a person marked by deep resentment with intent to carry a message

3. something or someone that has disappeared, that may routinely or unexpectedly resurface
"christopher dorner is an ex-cop of the lapd."

"my socks have gone dorner-ed"
by not a gman February 13, 2013
To be utterly awesome at everything possible in the math world.
I totally dornered that calc problem, I'm pretty dorner when it comes to graphing lines
by TubaFunRunMan October 02, 2010
After All Legal Avenues have been tried and Fail... you just kill everyone involved

Reference to the 2013 Police Officer Murders By Christopher Dorner, Who was Fired from the Los Angles Police Department after reporting another officer for police brutality, for kicking a schizophrenic man in the Face and chest
Man, I was Like Fuck It... I'm going Dorner on their ass
by the big bad wolf December 09, 2013
The coolest kid that you will ever meet.
That kid is so cool, he's a Dorner
by P money mac money April 30, 2009
Another name for strong alergic reaction.
Oh my head is so red and big now. It must be dorner reaction.
by Bob Blowjob March 07, 2007

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