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A nerd who is very smart and hard working in class but is quite popular with the other kids. Sometimes can get shoved down the popularity chain a bit but climbs back up all the time. People cant help but like you even if you annoy them.
Katy was a very A1 student who was nearly friends with everyone.

Example One:
Katy: OMG i got a A+ in my science work. and im popular :D
Kirstie: wow. im popular but i got a D- :/ your such a Dorky Elf.!

Example Two:
Katy: OMG i dont think he likes me anymore. :(
Kirstie: Yes he will just give him a few weeks. Dont worry your a dorky Elf nobody could stay mad at you.(:

These names are examples;
by CKC001 January 08, 2010
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